i3 Data Research Learning Network

CCEE’s Center for Innovation, Instruction, and Impact (i3) is launching the Data Research Learning Network (DRLN) in 2023. The i3 DRLN brings together select districts and counties from across the state of California to innovate their data systems for accelerated student learning. Through a three-pronged approach, districts and counties transform their data program and practices by conducting a Data Equity Review, promoting Deeper Learning through formative assessment practices, and communicating success with Data Dashboards.

Districts will review their data systems, using an equity lens, to better meet the needs of their student groups. This review includes a process mapping of data systems from the user perspective, meaning teachers and administrators. By visualizing the “life of data” in a given district, districts can improve and innovate their data-driven decision-making at the classroom, school and district level.

Balanced assessment systems are critical to inform teaching and learning — the primary purpose of assessments. Districts will balance their assessment systems with an emphasis on formative assessments practices, including student agency and ownership in their learning process. This focus on formative assessments builds upon CCEE’s prior series on Developing & Implementing Balanced Assessment Systems and Formative Assessment.

With an emphasis on the whole child, districts will explore and create engaging data displays that clearly communicate how programs are meeting the academic and social emotional needs of their students. Visual story-telling is a vital design principle in this work. By telling a better story, districts can communicate success and areas of improvement that promotes better parent and community partnership.

The i3 DRLN provides districts and counties with the following resources to power the work of innovating and improving data practices and programs for accelerated student learning.


Engage with expert practitioners and data consultants who will facilitate learning experiences that are shaped by the LEA’s context, needs and interests


Receive training and coaching around data analysis strategies for exploration; data literacy practices for district school leadership teams; and data visualization strategies to engage the broader community


Participate in an authentic learning network focused on problems of practice and continuous improvement with other districts and counties across the state


Benefit from a comprehensive i3 Data Review of your data and assessment policies, programs, and practices and access to the i3 Data Dashboard to monitor and adjust your strategies

The i3 DRLN has three phases: planning, implementation and sustainability. The first cohort of districts and counties are currently engaging in a six-session planning process to define their problem of practice and determine an action plan. CCEE will recruit for a second cohort of districts and counties in the Spring 2023 for the 2023-2024 school year.

Note: This website will continue to be updated as we prepare for the launch of the Data Research Learning Network. Please check back soon! If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Ingrid Roberson at iroberson@ccee-ca.org.